I'm sure you have seen this Thailand luxury resort on Instagram countless times, and rightfully so. Everything about it exudes a dreamy feeling and prompts one to say, "When can I go there?"

Everything from the incredibly unique arrival and check-in process, to the fairytale tented accommodations, to the unrivaled location in the Golden Triangle, make this Thailand's top of the line luxury resort.

Am I leaving anything out? Of course, the most obvious of the bunch, the intimate, up close and personal experience guests have with elephants.

You can search far and wide, this place is hard to beat. Let's get right into it.

Here are six reasons why you MUST visit the Four Seasons Tented Camp:

1. You Stay in Premium Luxury Tents

As you walk into the front door, have your companion pinch you because it feels as though you have stepped into a different world. These tents are absolutely unreal!

Superior & Deluxe Tents

First up, the Superior and Deluxe Tents which make up 15 of the 16 accommodation options. These are one bedroom units that make for the perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway vacation destination.

You will first notice the breeze flowing through the rolled up canvas windows that frame an amazing view for your stay. Each accommodation has it's own unique view of either the jungle, mountains, or Golden Triangle.

Next up, the rustic freestanding bathtub that is the centerpiece of each tent. After a long day of exploration, this gem makes for the perfect place to unwind and relax as the sun begins to set.

Just behind you, past the copper pedestal sinks and hanging mirrors, is the outdoor shower. The lines are blurred between your natural surroundings and tent as the neighboring foliage is so close that you can literally reach out and touch it.

As you slip outside your wall-to-wall canvas doorway you'll find a comfortable daybed that is begging for you to sip your morning coffee, read a few chapters, and listen to the morning hum of the jungle.

If you're in the Deluxe Tent you are rewarded with one more luxury, a wooden hot tub on your outdoor deck. Aside from different view selections, this amenity is the only difference between the Superior and Deluxe Tents.

Finally, the elephant and Northern Thai, or Lanna, themed decor permeates throughout the room, tying it all together like a big red bow on top. Don't worry, we are all elephant lovers here. No real ivory has been used to decorate. Phew!

Explorers' Lodge

The last remaining unit at the Four Seasons Tented Camp is the Explorers' Lodge, a two building lodge that features one king bed, two twins, and an additional bed just in case.

It holds up to six guests and is the obvious option for families and groups, but make sure you book early as this is the only lodge on site.

Entering your patio from the cart path, the first thing that catches your eye is the shimmering teal infinity pool that hangs over the jungle. Soon enough you'll be floating belly up with water cascading on all sides of you making for a moment that will live with you for the rest of your life.

But first, let's check out your digs for the next few days. The master bedroom is rustic in its own way, but definitely lives up to its name as a lodge rather than a tent.

Like the tents, your eyes are immediately drawn to the bathtub, a beautifully handcrafted copper piece of art in the center of the room. Gazing above your king bed and ornamental tub is a chandelier made of antlers that puts a cherry on top.

Exiting your door, across the deck, past the pair of mini bars on each side, and into the second lodge you will find the guest (or kids') quarters. Besides the two twins replacing the king bed, the layout is identically mirrored. Both rooms equally stunning.

Lastly, if you choose to stay at the Explorers' Lodge you can also arrange a private barbecues on your outdoor deck. After you and your family fill up on barbecued goodies, you can lay underneath the stars and watch a movie on a projector set up by the staff.

What's not to love about that?


2. It's the Premiere Elephant Resort in Thailand

Elephants are engrained in this resort's DNA with experiences integrated throughout your stay.

It's a main draw for people visiting the region and there's a good chance that's why you arrived here as well.

Being so close to the elephants means you are afforded the ability to forge a personal connection with these gentle giants. Hands down it beats driving 45 minutes to a sanctuary to visit elephants and then turning around and heading back home after.

From your room you can sit on your balcony and spot a few elephants throughout the grass lands. Be prepared to hear bellowing trumpet calls from an elephant or two.

The personal elephant experiences offered at the Four Seasons are abundant and include the following:

  • My Elephant and I: Walk, feed, and bathe these lovable mammals. You get to know them on a more personal level taking you one step closer to being a mahout
  • Camp Peak Breakfast: Breakfast with elephants as the sun rises. What's better than that?
  • Elephant Camp Dinner: Dine beside your new friends while listening to live traditional Thai music
  • Sunrise Elephant Walk: Trek up to the highest peak to witness the sun rise over the Mekong River
  • Elephant Bathing: Give a helping hand washing before they start rolling around in the mud again
  • Additional Elephant Time: It's all about top-notch service here, so if you or your kids want more time with the elephants it can easily be scheduled

With so many options and opportunities to get face time with elephants, you and your family are sure to create great bonding experiences.


3. Complete Privacy in the Jungle

To say this resort is secluded is an understatement.

Beginning with a unique arrival and check-in process, you feel as though you are stepping into the plot of a 19th century safari adventure novel.

You hop aboard a long-tail boat that drives you down the Ruak River to your final destination. Make sure you have your passport ready because you are in international limbo, straddling the line between three countries (more on that to come shortly).

When you arrive you are greeted by the friendly staff. Get used to the warm Thai hospitality because this is just the start.

You then get into a classic retro Land Rover that, if it were able to talk would have some amazing stories to tell.

Since everything is quite secluded and spread out, you will likely be calling your Land Rover taxi whenever you need a ride to meals and activities. You are definitely able to walk around, but the sheer scale of this resort will have you utilizing this perk more than once I am sure.

Once at your tent, there's nothing but you, your companion, and the sounds of the jungle steadily buzzing. Not a soul around which makes for a most romantic setting.

4. You Are Smack Dab in the Middle of Three Countries

So as I eluded to before, the Golden Triangle is one of the most unique locations on earth.

The resort itself is located in Thailand, yet you are a stone's throw away both Laos and Myanmar, hence the Golden Triangle.

Previously an international hub for the Opium trade, this fertile region intertwines jungle, bamboo forest, rivers, and mountains all into one.

Due to its proximity to these international borders, day trips to Burma and Laos are completely doable. The resort offers day trips via boat and private transfer to the surrounding areas to educate you on the culture and natural beauty of the region.

This makes for a unique cultural experience you cannot find anywhere else. Pretty neat.


5. It's an All-Inclusive Luxury Resort

All-inclusive? That's a novel idea for a Four Seasons property. The Golden Triangle Tented Camp is actually the first all-inclusive resort the Four Seasons brand has offered.

Depending on your preferences and duration of stay, you can customize your all-inclusive experience accordingly. This means you have the option of building a vacation itinerary that has as many or as few activities as you would like.

Included in these complimentary activities are the following:

  • Elephant - Mahout Journey: Learn the ways of the mahout and receive a crash course on all things elephant
  • Golden Triangle Excursion: Zip down the Mekong River in a long-tail boat with a private guide detailing the regional wonders of the Golden Triangle
  • Spa Experience: 90 minutes of pure relaxation as you work out the kinks in this open air natural spa in the bamboo forest
  • Wine and Dine: Scheduled dining, evening sundowners, and mini bar perks are all covered in your package

Your main food option is the Nong Yao, a restaurant that serves authentic plates from Thailand, Burma, and Laos, or can cook a more Western style dish if that is desired.

As far as drinks go, the Burma Bar offers tasty options, a gorgeous view, and a perfect meeting place to mingle with some of the other guests while catching up on daily adventures.

The wine lovers out there also have ample options as the resort has its own wine cellar, which is quite a sight in itself. Unfortunately not all wine is covered by the all-inclusive package but we all like to splurge a little now and then.


6. Private Dining Experiences

Beyond the all-inclusive dining options, the staff takes it one step further and arranges private dining experiences at an additional cost.

The options range but all make for an ideal way to commemorate those special moments like a honeymoon, romantic getaway, or once in a lifetime family vacation.

Here are a few memorable ways you can enjoy a private meal:

  • Wine Pairing Dinner: For those romantics, a private wine pairing dinner in the cellar is a must-do
  • Camp Peak Breakfast: Climb to the highest peak on the resort and enjoy breakfast as the sun rises behind the mountains. Make room for some extra guests as elephants will be joining to munch on some fruit of their own
  • Camp Peak Sunset and Cocktail Dinner: Same peak as before but this time it's with an oil painted backdrop of the yellow, orange, and purple sunset sky
  • Elephant Camp Dinner: Make your way to the Elephant Camp where you will enjoy a candlelit dinner customized to your tastes by the chef. You also have the presence of traditional live Thai music to set the mood
  • Picnic: Have a nice lunch in the jungle, by the river, or in the garden, the choice is yours

There's so many choices, you may have to schedule a few of these to make this vacation extra special.



It's easy to see that if you plan on incorporating a truly memorable elephant experience into your next vacation, you should seriously be considering the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

Not only do you have daily access to elephant experiences, you are also staying in some of the most unique accommodations in the world.

This is truly a one of a kind all-inclusive resort experience that should be on every traveler's bucket list.

If you decide that the Four Seasons Tented Camp is right for you, we want to give you the following perk:

  • $100 USD Spa or Private Dining Credit

Make sure to sign up below if you are interested in receiving exclusive perks for vacations like this one.